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What is syncope? Syncope is a temporary loss of consciousness caused by a fall in blood pressure (hypotension) with insufficient blood flow to the brain. This loss of consciousness is often called fainting or ‘passing out’ or ‘blacking out’. Syncope can be benign, or it can be a symptom of...

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest

What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest? Sudden Cardiac Arrest is when the heart abruptly stops beating, resulting in the prevention of blood flow to the body and loss of consciousness. This can result in death if not treated immediately by restoring the heart with electrical shock. As we discussed in our...

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Abnormal Heart Rhythm

What are abnormal heart rhythms? Heart & Rhythm treats patients with abnormal heart rhythms. An abnormal heartbeat is known as arrhythmia and can have many causes and symptoms, some of which are completely normal. Causes range from a normal, healthy heart to coronary heart disease. The treatments we offer may...

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Heart and Rhythm Solutions – Chandler, AZ

Chandler AZ: In chandler, you will find us at South Dobson Road. We decided to open a branch of heart and rhythm here because chandler happens to be a prominent suburb of Arizona where the need of a heart care center is a must. This is our main office location. ...

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Heart and Rythm Solutions – Queen Creek, AZ

Queen Creek AZ: at queen creek, you will find us at Ocotillo Road. Queen Creek again happens to be one of the main towns in Arizona where we believe heart care services aren’t too many. With heart and rhythms branch in Queen Creek, many people from the town will have...

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