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Learn more about our provider Dr. Himal Shah - Heart And Rhythm Solutions

Learn more about our provider Dr. Himal Shah

Dr. Himal Shah, is a cardiac specialist and founder of Heart and Rhythm Solutions. Heart and Rhythm Solutions is a heart care center operating in the United States, in Arizona. With offices in Chandler and Queen Creek, our clinics provide easy access for patients all over Arizona.

Heart and Rhythm’s team consists of various heart care specialists. One of primary heart specialists happens to be Dr. Himal Shah. Dr. Shah earned her medical degree from Shivaji University in India. She then went on to complete her clinical fellowship training in Cardiac Electrophysiology from Aurora Sinai Medical Center, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Later Dr. Shah got her training in Cardiology at the University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri.  Dr. Shah then completed her residency in Internal Medicine at Texas Tech University, El Paso, Texas.

Dr. Shah is board certified in Cardiovascular Disease. She participates in many multicenter clinical trials which offer her patients access to the most current therapies, devices and treatments.  Dr. Shah has also presented her research at different international meetings and is a member of the Heart Rhythm Society, the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association. Dr. Shah is one of 51 doctors at Banner Desert Medical Center and one of 41 at Chandler Regional Medical Center who specialize in Cardiovascular Disease and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area.

Dr Himal Shah has given many talks on heart care, electrophysiology and heart rhythm issues. Her most recent talk was about the consequences of heart attacks in women. She has also shared how she decided to go into heart rhythm problems wherein she told her audience that she started having heart rhythm problems, her heart would jump out of her chest, she says she knew about the problem so she went to the chief saying this is what is happening to me so he said “Himal you’re pregnant, suck it up”. She says she knew nothing could be done about it because she was pregnant but it would have been nice to hear some reassurance, after which she pursued work in heart rhythm.

Therefore, most of her talks are also centered on women where she claims that most women do not know that ignoring heart rhythm problems can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes or even sudden death. There are many women who probably feel these symptoms and know of others who feel these symptoms however are fearful of going and talking about them because they’re told that since they’re a woman it’s very common for them to feel these symptoms. However, men can also go through the same problems and thus should get treatment as soon as they feel something is not right.

She commonly also states how there have been many advances in heart rhythm disorders and we are very fortunate of living in this era of technology and advancement so we can help reduce these risks and improve them. Therefore, she encourages everyone to be aware and to promote awareness of heart rhythm disorders.

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