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Contact our office at: 480-289-4550 to make an appointment.

*Same day appointments are available for patients with urgent needs.


[icon_box title=”Patient Portal” icon=”fa-picture-o” show_button=”true” button_text=”Patient Portal” button_link=”″]It is recommended you visit your Patient Portal prior to your scheduled appointment for additional information.[/icon_box]
[icon_box title=”Appointment Items” icon=”fa-calendar” button_link=”http://” button_text=”Learn More”]– Bring a completed Patient Registration Form
– Driver’s license
– Insurance Card(s)
– Current medications information
– Medical history
– Physician referral forms if needed[/icon_box]
[icon_box title=”Co-payments, Insurance and Billing” icon=”fa-credit-card” button_link=”http://” button_text=”Learn More”]

Co-payment and/or co-insurance payments are due prior to your appointment


 Please check our list of Approved Insurance Plans HERE.